Frank Zappa: Studio Tan

By Steve Gett

Record Mirror, 28 October 1978

FRANK ZAPPA: 'Studio Tan' (Discreet K59210)

WITH 'Studio Tan', Frank Zappa has failed to summon up enough of the effervescent wit and delightful guitar playing, that made one enjoy 'Zoot Allures' and other recent recordings.

Side one of the new album is a 20 minute extravaganza, relating the story of 'Greggery Peccary', and punctuated with some low key Zappa humour.

Here his music neither thrills nor excites me. The rest of the offering is somewhat more entertaining, commencing with the short 'Let Me Take You To The Beach'. This boppy, disco number with its high-pitched loony vocals, is fun and has some neat instrumental pieces.

'Revised Music For Guitar And Low Buddget Orchestra' includes daft piano work and is a slick, jazzy instrumental.

However it isn't until 'Redunzl' that Zappa produces a solo worthy of note and this is without doubt the least tedious cut.

'Studio Tan' is spoilt by self-indulgence a will not enhance Frank Zappa's reputation. To find this man at his best a journey back in time is recommended.