Geronimo Black "Geronimo Black"

By Jim Girard

Scene, 8 June 1972

Uni Records 73 132

Geronimo Black consists of three ex-Mothers. Among them is Jimmy Carl Black (“... the Indian of the group ”). Since being a Mother is somewhat musically restricting (Zappa is jive), gradually the original Mothers drifted away. They have reformed with more of the same calibre musicians and put in together the best album by a new group I have ever heard. Some of the material is very brassy, some is classical in structure; all of it is great. So heavy. Way far ahead of its time, but many might dig the thing anyway. Get this album and be amazed. Amaze your friends. Be hip. Learn to beat the crowd and buy this album. Otherwise, the record executives won’t renew their contract and we’ll have lost the best and heaviest group in the world. Do it ... Do it ... very seriously.