Frank Zappa "Hot Rats"

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Disc And Music Echo, March 7, 1970

FRANK ZAPPA: ''Hot Rats" (Bizarre): First of the Zappa albums minus the late lamented Mothers, although Ian Underwood contributes on a number of instruments. The band he's got together on this is just as tight as the Mothers, but still rocking freely. It's a truly great rock album in fact.

There's Captain Beefheart singing on "Willie The Pimp" and a freer, instrumental version of "Son Of Mr. Green Genes" that was featured on the Mothers' "Uncle Meat" album. lt was recorded in summer and autumn last year.

Ian Underwood is a truly amazing musician, tracking piano, organ, flute, all clarinets and all saxes. Zappa copes with guitar, octave bass, percussion, conducts, arranges, and in fact just stamps his unmistakable stamp.


TRACKS: Peaches En Regalia; Willie The Pimp; Son Of Mr. Green Genes; Little Umbrellas; The Gumbo Variations; lt Pust Be A Camel.