'Freak Out' Set Saturday Night at Shrine

Independent, Pasadena, August 11, 1966

Twelve weather balloons gilded with fluorescent paint and spotlighted with "black lights" will float on the ceiling of the Shrine Exposition Hall in Los Angeles Saturday night for "Freak Out," the latest trend in way-out entertainment. [1]

A "Tower of Light" and 16 projectors manned by a dozen projectionists will present an elaborate collage of slide projections on all walls and even the ceilings at the auditorium.

"The Mothers of Invention" and "The Mothers Auxiliary" will play for dancing.

Producer Herb Cohen has limited attendance to persons over 18.

1. August 13, 1966. A nice 2-page ad of this "Son of GUAMBO"-gig is reprinted in MOFO. The hall capacity according to the ad was 5,000 and it was full house:

The most interesting press release of the past week came from a group called the Mothers of Invention, who were doing their first "freak out" show at something called The Balloon Farm in Greenwich Village or East Village. The Mothers, as they refer to themselves, are in their own words "the greatest stimulus of the aspirin industry since the income tax." Some of their big hits are "Help, I'm a Rock," "Wowie Zowie," and "Hungry Freaks, Daddy," plus an unfinished ballet in two tableaux "The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet."

This group recently played to 5,000 humans in Los Angeles' Shrine Exposition Hall, which should tell you as much about Los Angeles mentally as you need to know.

December 22, 1966, The Morning Herald, Uniontown, PA. p 11

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